What’s the Future of Ethereum


Ethereum is the Best Blockchain : Today.


Ethereum has a first mover advantage in a network domain. It has momentum traction grabs headlines, devslove it. Despite all its technical short comings and immaturities , it is used on every hackathon where people have a free choice what blockchain technology to pick .

 There are powerful contenders in the ring now for the crown, with infinitely deep pockets and deadly serious ambition but none of them is aiming at the exact same turf as ethereum does :

Ethereum is a chain for everyone hardened for public exposure,

Designed for interoperability and openness first.

The competition will hopefully spur innovation with interesting contribution to the tough problems to be solved , and because most efforts are open source could result into a rich ecosystem with different chains addressing different needs.

There are at least three new blockchains coming up from mmebrs of the wider ethereum community, two under the radar at this point, and difinity just announced if they have answers to hard problems,

They deserve success but will have a very hard time building the same breadth of developer community and name recognition that ethereum now has .

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