Leonardo DiCaprio Almost Died in the Galapagos But Was Saved by Ed Norton

He owes him! Leonardo DiCaprio nearly died during a 2010 water expedition in the Galapagos, but survived thanks to fellow actor and pal Ed Norton.

Film director Fisher Stevens, who worked with DiCaprio, 41, on the new documentary Before the Flood, opened up about the scary incident in a new interview with GQ magazine.

“I was filming [oceanographer] Sylvia [Earle] and I had this little easy camera to shoot underwater, and he was Sylvia’s diving buddy, so I said, ‘Would you film Sylvia?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, I love it, man, I love it,'” Stevens, 52, recalled.

“I was diving buddies with Edward Norton. So we go down and we see 300 Eagle Rays and Spotted Rays and it was an amazing dive,” he continued. “Leo bolts away with Sylvia, and Edward goes in front of me, and the next thing I know after 20 minutes, I’d lost them all. Then, I see Leo barely breathing, because Leo’s tank was leaking oxygen, and Edward had to save him!”

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