James Comey’s testimony on Hillary Clinton’s emails

The FBI is reportedly scrambling to correct some of James Comey’s testimony on Hillary Clinton’s emails

FBI director James Comey generated national headlines last week with his dramatic testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, explaining his “incredibly painful” call to travel public regarding the hillary Clinton emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop computer.

Perhaps Comey’s most stunning revelation was that Huma Abedin — Weiner’s wife and a high Clinton deputy — had created “a regular practice” of forwarding “hundreds and thousands” of Clinton messages to her husband, “some of that contain classified data.” Comey testified that Abedin had done this so that the disgraced former congressman might print them out for her boss. (Weiner’s laptop was seized when he came below criminal investigation for sex crimes, following a media report regarding his on-line relationship with a teenager.)

The new york Post plastered its story on the front page with a photograph of an underwear-clad Weiner and the headline: “HARD COPY: Huma sent Weiner classified hillary emails to print out.” The Daily News went with an identical front-page screamer: “HUMA ERROR: Sent classified emails to sext maniac Weiner.”

The problem: a lot of of what Comey said about this was inaccurate. now the FBI is trying to figure out what to do regarding it.

FBI officers have privately acknowledged that Comey misstated what Abedin did and what the FBI investigators found. On Monday, the FBI was said to be getting ready to correct the record by sending a letter to Congress later in the week. however that plan now appears on hold, with the bureau undecided about what to do.

ProPublica is coverage a story on the FBI’s handling of the Clinton emails and raised questions with government officials last week regarding possible inaccuracies in Comey’s statements about Abedin.

It couldn’t be learned how the mistake occurred. The FBI and Abedin declined ProPublica’s requests for comment on the director’s misstatements.


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